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Combined technique

Combined technique

The disc-paw unit is a combined universal tool that allows you to perform many operations in one pass. The versatility of the unit is achieved by the fact that it is possible to separately use sections of discs, tines, and a roller. As a result, it can be used as a disc unit (raise the tines), a clean steam cultivator (raise the discs and use only the tines) and even a simple roller (raise both the tines and the discs).

Rotary harrow "Star" frame width 3.3 m for loosening the soil
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Products: Rotary harrow "Star" mounted sectional width of the transport frame 3.3 m for loosening the soil buy price from the manufacturer in Russia, Krasnodar  The harrow is used for spring and autumn loosening of the soil to a depth of 4 - 12 cm, covered with stubble or other plant residues,...
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Комбинированная техника